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         The 2023 Edition

       Dear National Federation, in 2023 the Memorial Paolo D’Aloja regatta will be staged from 31 March to 2 of April with the usual format. Italian Rowing Federation is committed to deliver a safe event, following the Covid-19 prevention plan, to minimize the risk of transmission of Covid-19. In Italy the situation is currently still serious but sports competitions are allowed in accordance with the specific protocol adopted by the sports organization.

       The Memorial Paolo d'Aloja International Regatta will be a good test for Teams for the start of the international rowing season and return to competitions after a long period.  Many National Federations have already expressed their interest to participate and we expect a high level of competition.

       Each Team is responsible to exercise maximum care for its team members before, during and after the event. All participants must follow the measures in the OC covid-19 Protection Plan at all times, including the wearing of masks at all times except in the boat, on an ergometer or at meals, social distancing and regular disinfection, among the other measures published by the OC.

       Each team is responsible to cover costs and manage possible quarantine/self isolation for their Team Memberrs
All participants must be in possession of an EU Digital Covid Certificate (or equivalent certificate) showing that you have been vaccinated against COVID-19 with an EMA authorized vaccine and you have completed the prescribed vaccination cycle or an EU Digital Covid Certificate (or equivalent certificate) attesting that you have recovered from COVID-19 and you are no longer under prescription of self-isolation;

       For participants coming from a foreign state in possession of a certificate issued by the competent foreign health authorities of successful recovery or vaccination against SARS -Cov-2 with a vaccine authorized or recognized as equivalent in Italy, if more than six months have elapsed since the completion of the primary anti-SARS-Cov-2 vaccination cycle or since the recovery from COVID-19 (the so-called reinforced green pass) a rapid or molecular antigenic test with negative results for the SARS-CoV-2 virus is required; the negative test will be valid for forty-eight hours from execution if rapid antigenic or seventy-two hours if molecular. The test is not mandatory in case of healing following the completion of the primary vaccination cycle. In the case of vaccinations with unauthorized vaccines or not recognized as equivalent in Italy, the partecepiation to the event is authorized any case after carrying out a rapid or molecular antigen test with a negative result for the SARS CoV virus. 2, valid for forty-eight hours from execution if rapid antigenic or seventy-two hours if molecular.

       Information about travel to enter Italy are available at the following link