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  The 2023 Edition


  Programme & schedule

  Progression System

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  VISA Regulations

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         Progression System
Progression System
– Because there is no seeding at this regatta and there will be not repêchage rounds, we will adopt the following method which considers best placings and next best times

All races will be on eight lanes with heats (if necessary) and finals

1-8 entries Race for lanes only (mandatory) > all FA

9 -16 entries first two places in each heat + next fastest (remaining best times)> Final A

17-32 entries first place in each heat + next fastest (remaining best times)> >Final A

>32 entries (M1x) heats: first two places+ next fastest (remaining best times)> SF

SF: best four places > FA

Best lanes for FA will be assigned according to the seeding determined by the previous competition day.