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         Lodging, meals and transport


Lodging, meals and transport include:

  • Accommodation Accommodation options for national teams are in hotels in the following locations:
  • Marmore (at 6 km) *
  • Terni (at 13 km).

Placement in hotels is on a first come, first served basis: those that register earlier get placed closer to Piediluco so please register as soon as possible. Please note that only hotels in Terni and Marmore are covered by free shuttle busses offered form the OC starting from 15 April.
Please note that hotels in Piediluco will not be served by OC shuttle busses. Places in Piediluco are limited 

The Italian Rowing Federation and the OC will be happy to offer full board accommodation in shared rooms from lunch on 15 April to breakfast on 18 April 2019 (3 days) for a maximum of five (5) athletes of each National Federation team. All additional expenses are at the charge of the individual. Accommodation for any additional team members (athletes and supporting staff) or extra days will be at the charge of the National Federation.
Please note that the OC cannot cover costs for single rooms. If a team requires a single room among the five free places offered from the OC, the difference between the single room and the double room will be at the charge of the NF. Invitation is only for the teams that book through the Organizing Committee, so please donít contact directly the hotels if you intend to benefit of the hospitality reserved to NF teams.

Options for invited Teams are the following:


 Room Type





PIEDILUCO  Hotel***  83  67 62
MARMORE  Hotel Velino  75  65 62
TERNI  Hotel ****  83 67 62
 Hotel *** 72 61 57

The above mentioned hotel rates are intended per person per day on a full board basis

If you need a visa please follow the instruction available at