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         The Lake

Lake Piediluco is one of the main tourist features of the Terni area; it is immersed in the greenery of the Umbrian hills with a particularly enchanting background scenery made up of the Terminillo mountain range whose snow covered peaks create a really spectacular effect.

The village is huddled in a loop of the lake beneath the woods from which it takes its name (“Lucus” in Latin means “holy wood”). On the top of the hill you will find the remains of the Albornoz fortress, built in XIV century. The church of Saint Francis in the centre of the village is also of historical interest.

Every year the Festival of the Waters takes place in Piediluco to celebrate the summer solstice with a regatta of traditional boats, fireworks and other events.

Only a few kilometers from Piediluco you can find one of the most important tourist attractions in Umbria: Marmore Waterfall; a unique sight that over the years has provided the creative inspiration for writers, poets and painters.

Terni is the main city of this area and it is famous because of its Patron Saint, Saint Valentine, the protector of lovers.